Depending on your health needs, there are many different health care services available to you. While in many cases it is necessary to visit an emergency room, there are often other options available for non-emergency ailments. Clinic Seeker can help pair you with the following health care professionals that meet your needs:

Nurse practitioners (NP)
provide ongoing health care, education and illness prevention to anyone in need of healthcare. You can receive diagnosis and treatment for common injuries and illnesses, prescriptions and blood and diagnostic tests from a nurse practitioner-led clinic. You can also find nurse practitioners working throughout the province in Family Health Teams and other types of clinics.
Urgent Care Centres
provide treatment for most injuries and illnesses such as infections, earaches, eye injuries, sprains, broken bones, cuts, fevers, minor burns and nose and throat complaints through emergency-trained doctors and other health care professionals. Some Urgent Care Centres may offer follow-up appointments to see how your recovery from illness/injury is progressing.
Walk-in clinics
provide medical care for people who do not have a family doctor or have one and are unable to reach them. You can see a nurse or doctor, often without an appointment at a walk-in clinic, and get advice, assessment and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries such as cuts, bruises, minor infections, sprains and skin complaints.
Emergency rooms
provide treatment of severe illnesses and life-threatening injuries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you need urgent medical attention for serious illness or injury, visit an ER. A doctor or nurse will assess your condition and decide on a course of treatment.

How can you benefit from Clinic Seeker?

Let Clinic Seeker do the work for you.

This unique platform takes the leg work out of the search for proper health care. Enable your geo-location and define what type of health care you require, and let Clinic Seeker do the rest.

Avoid Busy Waiting Rooms.

Patients now have the ability to log wait times for health care facilities across Canada. This customized feature can help you avoid sitting in crowded waiting rooms.


So often patients are unaware of the services that are available to them. In many cases, there are health care services that you may not even know existed. Clinic Seeker provides the public with all the information they need about their local health care service facilities. This service will help with overcrowding and wait times allowing patients to access superior health care.

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